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    Free VPN Proxy by Supernet's review

    Published: 2013-07-23, by Peter Warrior.

    This app creates VPN connections to assure privacy

    • Really easy to use
    • It doesn't lag or slow down
    • US server is only in the pro version

    "Where's the ninja?"

    Hideninja is an app that creates a Virtual Private Network able to both cover up your origin location and encrypt your traffic. It's really useful and you don't need to be a tech-savvy to run it, just choose from a list "where" you want to virtually be and proceed with whatever you were in as usual.

    In simple terms, if all your traffic is redirected to, let's say, an Italian server, it's as if you were in Italy, thus having access to websites you might not be able otherwise. In addition, as all your traffic passes by a secure server, your IP and physical location are hidden from prying eyes, and you can browse the Internet incognito without activity logs or leaving traces. if you're connected through wi-fi, this app also helps to repulse crackers around.

    Both features may become of special relevance in some unfortunate places, as Arab Spring events taught us. Some countries still have limited or null access to social networks and even Skype has been fenced in, so an app like Hideninja can mean much at the most unexpected moment.

    We were told that when you make use of a "tunneling" service your connection speed slows down, but we haven't noticed any remarkable lag during the making of this review.

    All these services are for free, though the app offers a paid upgrade to add more servers and commodity features such as autoconnecting or social media (including but not limited to Netflix, just to name one) unblocking.

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