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    Ever lent your phone or tablet to a friend, child, co-worker, or just anyone, and discovered that they read your text messages/emails, viewed your photos, posted on your social network, or bought an App, without your permission?

    If so, you need Friend Lock. Even if this has not happened to you, Friend Lock’s amazing features can help protect your privacy:
    • Keep your texts/emails safe from prying eyes.
    • Block your friends from writing embarrassing posts on your social networks.
    • Lend your phone to a child to play games, not view your photos.
    • Shield yourself from the multitude of pranks friends have been known to pull!

    And best of all, Friend Lock activates with just one-click from your home screen.


    App Manager – Choose which Apps to lock or block

    Phone Lock – Block incoming and outgoing phone calls (excluding 911 calls)

    Text Lock – Block incoming and outgoing text messages, and block text message notifications from displaying your message

    3 Different Lock Modes – Passcode, Pattern Lock and Password

    Homescreen widget easily activates/deactivates (requires password) Friend Lock

    ***Activity Log Now Added***

    Our newest feature just released for Friend Lock Pro version only!

    See a list of all of the applications which your friends, family, etc. tried to open or used while they were on your device. It even tracks the website they view! Curious whether they would have read your emails or texts had you not used Friend Lock, or curious what they REALLY had to use your device for. Now activity log will answer all of your questions and more, possibly leaving your friend in the position of having to fess up!

    Activity log can be access by clicking the menu button on the Settings page or through the Security menu. Choose whether you would like it always on or leave it off and enable it as you need.

    Activity log only tracks when Friend Lock is activated, so you can see what was done while you were using your device and what was done when you weren't.

    Stunning Graphics Optimized for Phones and Tablets! Works with all versions of Android, including the newest, Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

    NOTE: Settings are automatically locked when Friend Lock is activated, but cannot be blocked to prevent you from getting locked out of your own device.

    If you like Friend Lock, please write a great review! If you have any questions or problems with the App, please email us at and we will assist you. We are always happy to hear feedback!

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