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    Keep track of fuel efficiency and costs of your car/motorbike/truck or taxi.
    First to fully handle bi-fuel LPG, CNG, Ethanol and electric cars, with customizable Unit of Measurement and full English localization. The App can generate statistics from partial fill-ups or low fuel warning light!!

    Help translate this App in your native language. Contact me to have the URL for the Online Strings translation Service for easy online translations!!

    Import/export baseline features including format! Information required to add a vehicle or a fill-up is reduced to the minimum to have a simple interface.

    Statistics are available in text format and as graphs.

    ★★★★For comments please contact me, especially to avoid low ratings!★★★★

    Keywords: Diesel, LPG, CNG, Gasoline, Ethanol, Electric, bi-fuel, consumption, costs, garage, maintenance, statistics, mpg, efficiency, mileage, cost, management, car, motorbike.

    Create a new Car and fill in the form. On events Tab add each time:
    - a fill-up (full or partial)
    - when low fuel warning light turns on (it is also possible to specify if you run completely out of fuel, useful for bi-fuel cars to have more accurate MPG)

    When enough data are inserted, statistics will show up. It is not necessary that the first entry is a full-tank fill-up. Partial statistics (when enabled) only work between two partials (no fill-partial mixed statistics available at the moment).
    In case of bi-fuel cars, on the statistics right column (in italic) there will be a combined fuel efficiency and percentage of distance covered with Gasoline (EXPERIMENTAL).

    - enable to use partial fill-ups to generate statistics
    - enable to use empty warnings to generate statistics
    - invert efficiency display (L/100Km)

    - enable a correction to take into account possible odometer error
    - enable a correction to vehicle cost as at today (depreciation)

    - Modify all Units of measurement

    Next release:
    - Better combined statistics LPG/CNG + Gasoline
    - Cloud and auto backup


    v0.9.x - Fix costs plots. FIX new car ticks error!! Added graphical views for fuel statistics and costs.

    v0.8.x - Different views for fuel statistics and overall costs. Several fixes. All entries are maintained during update.

    v0.7 - Added costs management. Several fixes.

    v0.5.8 - Added Spanish translation (Thanks GIL!!!), French (Steph) and Portuguese (Thanks DavidPPMer) and Brazilian (Thanks JBergmann!!!).

    v0.5.5 - Auto hint in notes field to recall old fill-ups notes. Further improvements to combined statistics, but still incomplete (you can add your fill details for now and with next releases the stats will improve).

    v0.5.4 - Removed banner on main page, but put more relevance to the support link and updated support content. Improvements to combined statistics. Update of some English strings and info text added on some pages.

    v0.5.3 - Bugfix for spritmonitor import (odometer with decimal xxx,00). Import taking into account car ticks. Better locale: $ for US, £ for UK and € otherwise.

    v0.5.2 - Set Tank gauge ticks per car. Added Empty tank checkbox to generate statistics when fuel is over and the car can run on alternate fuel. Added CNG only as fuel.

    v0.5 - First issue.

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