Full Battery & Theft Alarm


Full Battery & Theft Alarm's review


Alarm sounds when phone reaches full charge, or is unplugged.

  • Theft alarm
  • Charge meter
  • Charge alarm unnecessary

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"Full Battery Alarm"


The full charge alarm is not really very useful, as phones/chargers all feature built in overcharge protection - the theft alarm however is a very interesting idea. Unfortunately the theft alarm cannot be enables without the charge alarm enabled.


The theft alarm is a very useful feature, especially if travelling when you may have to leave your phone unattended while charging. The app also has a charge meter in the notification bar, useful as it presents charge as a percentage.


The full charge alarm is somewhat unnecessary, as phone have built in overcharge protection anyway - the phone will stop receiving charge when it's full. The fact that the theft alarm cannot be enabled without first enabling the charge alarm is made even more annoying because of this.

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by Oliver

Feb 24, 2015

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