While seeing the screen by the inspection of WEB, if a screen becomes dark and carries out the tap of the screen, has not it moved to the link place?
This application only shakes a smart phone and a back light turns it on.
Furthermore, there is also always which makes a back light always turn on a lighting function.

Methods for coordination before use:
1. Please calibrated after the completion of installation.
Please check two points at this time.
a. "always_on"check box is unchecked.
b. "Display Turn On Message" check box uses a check

2. usual smart phone, a "Always On" check box carries out the tap of the "Start Calibration" button, and operates it according to a message.
It completes in several seconds.

3. "Sensitivity" will be performed if the message of completion is displayed.

4. Since a "Trun On" message will be displayed if it adjusts and shakes, please adjust to favorite sensitivity.

Please set this application as "setting" - "application"-"priority installation place"- "main part" at the time of installation.
It cannot reside permanently at a start-up.
(Please install the model which cannot perform this setup as it is)

Tags: フルピカ , furupika , toast を連続表示しない , app back lights led allways on , toast 連続表示 , acro ランプ調整 , バックライト 常時 , 追加 バックランプ

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