This is netmonitor and drivetest app client for G-NetWorld service for sharing of mobile network measurements and data download/upload speed test.

On the app screen the values for serving cellid, level, network technology and neighbor cells are displayed.

The measurements are uploaded automatically when the app is running, data connection is available and you have GPS fix. The measurements are uploaded until the app is closed via Menu - Exit.

Data download/upload speed test contains:
- ping
- data upload
- data download

The URL for ping, download and upload are adjustable in Settings.
The reporting and datatest can be turned on/off.

The datatest generates data traffic so check your data plan before activating it.

In order to report correctly the cellid the app keeps the screen on while running.
If you press power button and turn the screen off, the app will auto turn screen on and keep keyguard on in order to provide correct measurements
The app has option for auto start on phone boot - in Settings.

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