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Gadget Battery Wallpaper is a colorful and fancy circuitry live wallpaper for gadget fans. It looks like a simulator and shows an electronics board with 2 LED displays. One LED display shows the battery status, the other one the time. 5 LED's below the time display will show the seconds in binary format. A meter and a LED bar show’s also the level of the battery. The colors of LED display and LED bar are adjustable but sliding by touching the LED display, LED bar or the meter.

A "switch cover on" function will lay a cover on top of the board to hide the PCB circuit board. The meter, displays and LED's will still show but the electronic board will be hidden.

If you click the red button the wallpaper will switch to nightmode.

TO OPEN: Home->Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers
CHOOSE: Gadget Battery Wallpaper

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