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Can you tell you have a GENUINE Galaxy S III or a cheap fake clone? This app can!

Due to the high number of fake Galaxy S III hitting the market, it is necessary for people to know if they have a real, genuine device.

This app does exactly that: it reads the hardware signature of the device and tries to match it with an internal database of known genuine signatures. If a match is found, your device is confirmed to be genuine.

If the signature read from your device doesn't match any of the known signatures, a "no match" message will be shown. That indicates you may have a fake device.

If you get a "no match" but you are sure you have a genuine Galaxy S III, just click on the "Identity" tab, choose the device you have on the drop down list, click on the "Email" button and send me the identity read from your device so I can check the data and either confirm the diagnosis of a fake phone or update the application to include the new signature.

If you decide to submit the info to me, rest assured that absolutely no personal / unique info is sent.

A special thanks to all XDA users who submitted info from their devices so I could built a database of know devices. The thread for the original idea of this application can be found here:

The latest version also supports identification of Galaxy SIII Mini devices and over 40 variants of the GS3.

The APK is now filtered for screen sizes and dpi that are similar to that of the Galaxy S III and S3 Mini. if Google Play Store says the app is not compatible with the device, you definitely DO NOT have a genuine Galaxy S III or S3 Mini (any other phone, but not one similar to them).

Version 2.0+ correctly identifies the following models (including a few of their variants) of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S3 Mini:

GT-I8190 (S3 Mini)
GT-I8190L (S3 Mini)
GT-I8190N (S3 Mini NFC)
GT-I8200 (S3 Mini VE)
GT-I8200N (S3 Mini VE NFC)
GT-I8262 (S3 Mini Duos)
GT-I9300 International
GT-I9300I Neo
GT-I9300I Neo DUOS
GT-I9301I Neo International
GT-I9301Q Neo Plus
GT-I9305 (LTE - International)
GT-I9305 (LTE)
GT-I9305N (LTE)
GT-I9305T (LTE)
SCH-960 Boost
SCH-968C (Straight Talk)
SCH-I535 (Verizon)
SCH-I535PP (Verizon)
SCH-R530U (US Cellular)
SGH-I747 (ATT)
SGH-I747 (US/CA carrier)
SGH-I747M (Bell/Tellus)
SGH-N035 (SC-03E - Jpn)
SGH-N064 (SC-06D - Jpn)
SGH-T599N (Metro PCS)
SGH-T999 (US/CA carrier)
SGH-T999L (T-Mobile LTE)
SGH-T999N (Metro PCS)
SGH-T999V (T-Mobile)
SHV-E210K (KT)
SHV-E210L (LG U+)
SHV-E210S (SK Telecom)
SHW-M440S (S. Korea)
SM-G730A S3 Mini (AT&T)
SM-G730V S3 Mini (LTE - Verizon)
SM-G730V S3 Mini LTE
SM-G730W8 S3 Mini
SPH-L710 (Sprint)

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