GAS TURBINE Performance




    GAS TURBINE Performance allows you to calculate the perfomance of a gas turbine (simple cycle).

    Two calculation mode are implemented:

    > CHECK MODE - from existing data, the app calculates: compressor and turbine power; compressor and turbine efficiencies; net power to generator; cycle efficiency; combustion temperature.

    > SIMULATION MODE - assuming compressor and turbine efficiencies, the app calculates compressor and turbine power; outlet temperatures of compressor and turbine; net power to generator; cycle efficiency; combustion temperature.

    Calculations are made under the assumption of air standard Brayton cycle. It's implemented a polinomial expression to calculate the specific heats of air and flue gas, like Cp= A+B*T+C*T^2+D^T3.

    More detailed formulas are written in the submenù of the app.

    KEYWORDS: chemical engineering , gas turbine.

    We disclaim the responsability for possible errors that can derive from the wrong use of the app.

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