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Support JellyBean (Android4.2+) Now!!!

"Gemini Installer & Clear" is a tool to help user to manager APK files in SD card (scanning APK file in SD card, installing APK file, deleting backup file, and etc), clear cache (app cache, clipboard, browser history/cookie, search result of Android Market/Gmail, call log, and etc).

It is the init release and more functions will come! If you have any suggestion or find any bug, please contact us (


1. APK file risk indication (e.g. show which app can call outgoing, or can send out SMS, or can use Camera, or can access your contact/Gmail/SIM card/bookmark, or can find your location (GPS), etc);
2. Displaying backup apps (including app information and APK files);
3. Scan SD card to find all APK files;
4. Install/batch install apks, and there is a fast way to batch move for rooted user;
5. Delete/batch delete backup files;
6. Move/merge APK files to backup folder;
7. Run installed app;
8. View app on market;
11. Sort apps by multi ways (by "name", "RAM size", "file size", "package name", "installed time");
12. Filter apps by multi ways ("Can call outgoing", "can send/receive SMS", "can access camera", "can access contact/Gmail/SIM card/bookmark", "can access Location", "can autorun", and etc);

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