Gender Prediction by 1st Name



Have fun getting this app to guess the gender of your name or the name of one of your friends and family. It is super fun and it hardly ever guesses the gender wrong. When it is wrong, like in the case of some gender neutral names, it lets you train it to become smarter!

Using artificial intelligence systems provided by Google we used a public database of names from the Social Security Administration and mashed them with data from traditional name databases to create this Android app. The cloud system contains all the names of people born from 1974 and what gender they were at birth.

We did not use pre-1974 data because there was a massive spike in gender neutral names. It made the app seem inaccurate. So if you were born before 1974 likely we may not have the best data on your name specifically.

We created this app to show a good example of using open public government data in conjunction with artificial intelligence to create a fun mobile app.

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