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Generic viewer is 2D/3D viewer for Aveva Marine(Aveva's CAD for shipbuilding design) and is for Tribon's GEN file for ship structure.
GEN files which have ship body's 2D/3D outline information can be viewed on your smart phone or tablet


1. 3D Viewer
- Selected parts can be moved to the center or to the 2D viewer
- Zoom-in/out, panning, rotation are possible
- ISO view, Deck view, Frame view, Long view are provided.
- The information(Block/Panel name, WCOG etc) of the selected part can be viewed.
- various menus are diplayed by pressing on the gen file or directory in the explorer.

2. 2D Viewr
- Outer contour of shape/Hole/Marking is displayed as 2D image
- Markings can be toggled
- Zoom-in/out, panning, rotation are possible

3. Settings
(1) Basic settings
- working directory can be set.
- The sensitivity of rotation/panning/zooming can be adjusted.

(2) 3D Model settings
- the color of the selected part can be changed on the file explorer.
- the color can be set according to the part's wideness.

(3) 2D Marking settings
- Only required generic file's marking information can be viwed by setting on the 2D viewer.

(4) Assembly directory wizard
- Multiple gen files from the specific directory can be structured as like assembly in the working directory.

(5) Plugin
- Generic viewer has plugin which makes generic file interface from the shipbuilding company's system.
- Each shipbuilding company can make each own interface between drawing system and generic viewer by customizing the viewer.

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