Gesture Recorder (secretly)



Quick Recording, Secretly recording, Widget recording
All this is possible.
Recording can be done without knowing the other.
Basic recording, Recording gestures, Can be recorded using a widget
The recorded files can also be managed.

- Supports MP3, AMR, 3GP
- Simple user interface
- Shake gesture recording (adjustable sensitivity)
- Flipping gesture recording
- File Sharing
- Support for Widgets
- Recording Time Management
- Manage a list of recorded files (Play, Delete, Rename)
- support synchronization between the executable, Widgets, service
- During the phone call, disabling support
- file path : sdcard/grecorder
- File Sharing

□ How to start gesture-recording
1. Gestures enable service
2. Off the screen by pressing the power key (DISPLAY OFF)
3. Shake or Flipping (vibration signal)
4. Press Power-Key (Start recoding and vibration)

□ How to stop gesture-recording 1
1. Open TaskBar, press the icon of the Recorder

□ How to stop gesture-recording 2 (Some models may not work.)
1. Shake or Flipping (vibration signal)
2. Press Power-Key (save and vibration)

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