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GetColors is a simple application that aims to help those who - for work or passion - need to explore the range of colors and, in particular, those who work with graphics software.

How to use:
with the START and STOP buttons you start or stop the sequence of colors randomly generated; at the top of the screen will display the corresponding RGB and HEX values​​. When the sequence is stopped, the STOP button functionality changes and becomes SAVE, pressing it you can save the current color on the screen in your personal database of colors and then access it via Settings menu or via COLORS button. To move in the sequence of colors that are already created, you can use left and right arrows.
Instead, if you want to manually enter a color you can tap on the HEX value placed in the upper right, or you can open the Color Picker using the the slide interface (from right to left), recognizable by a small arrow positioned on the right side of the screen, allowing you to manually select the RGB and the HEX values of colors.
In the Settings menu you can also: access to your archive of colors, backup and restore it, choose the theme of the application (just for smartphone, not for tablet), choose to not display notifications and hints, choose to not display the Status Bar (increasing the visual space, just for smartphone), hide the navigation arrows, show or hide the Color Picker, show or hide HTML colors, manually enter HTML colors via name or via HEX value, manually enter the RGB values​​, show 2 additional buttons that allow you to adjust the generation rate of the colors, reset the original value of this speed, turn off the Haptic Feedback (not for Motorola Xoom).

If you find bug, you want send same suggestions or request custom app,feel free to contact the developer.

Tags: colors by sequences , picker to select small range of colors , regolare i valori rgb scermo tablet

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