An invisible 1x1 widget that switches your Camera LED on or off for your phone to suffice as an flashlight. This has been specifically designed to be invisible since some people like their homescreens clutter-free.

Disclaimer: It's only been tested on a few selected devices, every device has it's own implementation of the LED Flashlight, so it might work for most people but some might experience the LED shutting off when turning off the screen or not being able to use it at all. The widget is provided as is, if it doesn't work I'm sorry but I've done my best to support multiple devices.

To install, just add the widget to one of your homescreens. It will display the Ghost icon so you can move the widget to it's desired location with long-press. After the first click/touch on it, it will go invisible.


For developers/enthousiasts, I've released the source code here :
Feel free to fork and improve ;-)

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