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GPS Aids - DONATE: fix your Samsung Galaxy GPS functionality using the relatively foolproof GPS Aids Android Application. Get Faster and Stable Position Fix

NTP Server Problem? Please contact me instead of leaving a comment ..

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What include GPS Aids V3 - DONATE?

|- GPS Aids
|-- Basic Mode
| |- Download GPS Aiding Data
|-- Advanced Mode
| |- Download XTRA
| |- Download LTO [ROOT] (Samsung Galaxy S)
| |- Inject NTP Time
| |- Reset XTRA
| |- Reset LTO [ROOT] (Samsung Galaxy S)
|-- NTP Server Change [ROOT]
|-- Advanced XTRA Reset
|- Reset All Data
|- Reset Ephemeris Data
|- Reset Almanac Data
|- Reset Position Data
|- Reset Time Data
|- Reset Ionospheric Data
|- Reset UTC Data
|- Reset Healt Data
|- Reset SVDIR Data
|- Reset SVSTEER Data
|- Reset SA Data
|- Reset RTI Data
|- Reset CellDB Data

|- GPS Status
|- GPS Time Sync
|- Compass
|- Position of satellites
|- Information fields
|- Time To First Fix
|- Time Since First Fix
|- Satellites in view/use
|- Precision
|- Latitude
|- Longitude
|- Speed
|- Altitude
|- Bearing
|- GPS Time
|- Device time

|- GPS Doctor [ROOT]
|- Recommended GPS settings (Samsung Galaxy S)
|- Set recommended GPS settings (Samsung Galaxy S)
|- Network Time Protocol Server Addon
|- XTRA Server and Backups Addon
|- Intermediate Position Report Addon
|- SUPL Support Addon
|- C2K PDE Support Addon
|- WiFi Positioning Addon
|- User / Control Plane Addon
|- External Low Noise Amplifier Switch (Galaxy Nexus / S2)
|- Reference Clock Frequency Switch (Galaxy Nexus / S2)
|- UART Baud Rate Switch (Galaxy Nexus / S2)
|- Frequency Aiding Switch (Galaxy Nexus / S2)
|- Sensor Aiding Switch (Galaxy Nexus / S2)
|- Set IMSI / MSISDN Switch (Galaxy Nexus / S2)
|- Debug Mode Switch (Galaxy Nexus / S2)
|- SSL Enable Switch (Galaxy Nexus / S2)
| |- Certificate Version Switch (Galaxy Nexus / S2)
|- Control Priority Response Switch (Galaxy Nexus / S2)
|- Control Plane Switch (Galaxy Nexus / S2)
|- Run on ATT Network Operator Switch (Galaxy Nexus / S2)
|- Use Embedded Memory Controller Switch (Galaxy Nexus / S2)

|- Codes/Tools
|- Mount RO/RW [ROOT]
|- Reboot [ROOT]
|- Reboot into Recovery Mode [ROOT]
|- Reboot into Download Mode [ROOT]
|- EFS Backup [ROOT]
|- Show IMEI number
|- Show PDA, PHONE and CSC versions (Samsung Galaxy S)
|- GPS Test (Samsung Galaxy S)
|- Testing Mode (Samsung Galaxy S)
|- Stats and Information
|- Hard reset (Samsung Galaxy S)
|- Factory data reset (Samsung Galaxy S)

|- Screen Fixer (*)

|- GPS Aids Service
|- Download on reboot GPS Aiding Data
|- Download every "X" days GPS Aiding Data
|- Show success/error notifications

Current translated languages: English, Bulgarian, Romanian, French, Spanish (Spain).

|- Devices tested
|- Samsung Galaxy S
|- Samsgun Galaxy TAB
|- Samsung Galaxy S2
|- Samsung Galaxy Nexus
|- HTC Nexus ONE
|- HTC Legend

(*) Screen fixer is under development. It is intended for attenuate the Burn-In Effect in AMOLED screens. This tool may cause seizures! So if you epileptic please don't execute this tool.

(**) All other devices compatible with XTRA will work.. but you will not have a download confirmation.

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Recently changed in this version

(+) Compatibility with Android 4.1.X
(*) Fixed a bug at time of show/set NTP Server, GPS Addons and SIRF GPS Configuration on some devices running Android 4.X.
(*) Fixed a bug in last release about oversized menu icons.

[CM Users on Samsung Galaxy S]
Please, use the Advanced Mode and ONLY XTRA Commands. Thanks

Comments and ratings for GPS Aids - DONATE
  • (42 stars)

    by Trev Harvey on 09/03/2014

    Sorted my HTC one, without rooting. Well worth the donate fee.

  • (42 stars)

    by Tom Courtney on 02/08/2013

    If you phone is not rooted then this app is a waste of time.

  • (42 stars)

    by Rado Ivanov on 27/02/2013

    The creator's support didn't help, I uninstalled it.

  • (42 stars)

    by Russell Thornton on 17/12/2012

    I installed GPS free on my SGH=i879 with JB installed, I did not work at first and actually made Google maps off by a few hundred meters. After contacting the developer they personally walked me through some advanced setting which made the app work as advertised. I would recommend this app for anyone having GPS issues. Customer support was awesome.