GPS Recorder



This a small App run in android phone , it can automatic record location from GPS sensor,
show recorded GPS information in Google Map , import and export recorded data .

-Record GPS sensor / Wi-Fi location data(latitude and longitude) in start and stop time .
-Automatic or manual recording location data.
-Saved in SD card or phone flash memory.
-Show and Delete record location main data.
-Show and Delete record location details data.
-Send location Google Map url to SMS or eMail.
-Copy location Google Map url to clipboard.
-Show every record location latitude and longitude values and record time.
-Show every record location in the Google Map.
-Adjust GPS minimum time interval value for location notifications(save record memory space with small value) .
-Run App with Internet.

-Show record line path in Google Map.
-Make you location database , every record location point can into location database.
-Group by your location database (like hotel , restaurant , station , company).
-Add Mylocation to you location database right now.
-Import your location database from text file
-Export your location database to text file.
-Import your recorded line data from text file
-Export your recorded line data to text file.
-Import / Export function to make it easy for a team to share location data with each other.

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