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    Are you tired of developing location aware apps and having to program your own GPS simulator? Do you want to cheat on foursquare, facebook, latitude and whatsapp?
    Use this application to simulate gps locations, routes or even KML files.

    You can:

    -Define a static point location or a radius to jump on intervals and watch how other apps believe that the position is correct.
    -Search for a route between two points and simulate that you are following it.
    -Upload a KML file to /sdcard/kml and simulate it's route in the time specified.

    IMPORTANT: You must enable mock locations under 'Settings > Applications > Development > Allow mock locations'

    Usage: Tap a spot on the map or find a route between two points. Then press start simulation and then press home button to exit and open another app. The new app will believe that it is where you said.

    WARNING: You will probably have to reboot you phone after use to reestablish normal gps behavior

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