GPS Test displays real-time information for satellites in view of your device. A vital open-source test tool for platform engineers, developers, and power users, GPS Test can also assist users in understanding why their GPS/GNSS is or isn't working.

    Start/stop monitoring via the on/off switch. After a latitude and longitude has been acquired, you can share your location using the Share button.

    • GPS (USA Navstar)
    • GLONASS (Russia)
    • QZSS (Japan)
    • BeiDou/COMPASS (China)
    • Galileo (European Union)

    GLONASS satellites are shown as squares on the Sky view, U.S. NAVSTAR satellites are shown as circles, Galileo and QZSS satellites are shown as triangles, and BeiDou satellites are shown as pentagons.

    Menu options:
    • Inject Time - Injects Time assistance data for GPS into the platform, using information from a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server
    • Inject XTRA Data - Injects XTRA assistance data for GPS into the platform, using information from a XTRA server (see for details on gpsOneXTRA)
    • Clear Aiding Data - Clears all assistance data used for GPS, including NTP and XTRA data (Note: if you select this option to fix broken GPS on your device, for GPS to work again you may need to ‘Inject Time’ and ‘Inject XTRA’ data)
    • Settings - Change map tile type, auto-start GPS on startup, minimum time and distance between GPS updates, keep screen on.

    Beta versions:

    Open-source on Github:


    GPSTest discussion forum:!forum/gpstest_android

    Nostalgic for old releases? Don't have Google Play Services on your device? Download old versions here:

    If you want to see the map on the Map tab, you'll need to install Google Play Services.

    Want to measure the *true* accuracy of your GPS?

    Check out GPS Benchmark:

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