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GPS tool for retrieving GPS position ( waypoint ) and providing map information, geometry and statistics.

GPS tool for calculating distance , area and perimeter and other properties for geometric shapes drawn by the GPS position ( waypoint ) .

GPS tool with many functions to calculate area, perimeter, distance, statistics, geometry on GPS position ( waypoint ) recorded.

GPS mapping tool offering advanced modules (tactile and manuals).

Its objective is to provide as much information as possible on recorded GPS positions whether in terms of calculation, geometry, statistics and mapping. Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface based on a natural color code. This application uses the phone's GPS and Google Map for maps.

4 waypoints are accessible via a color code - Green, Blue, Red, Yellow -

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► GPS tool tracker classic : find a GPS position such as : your car , Grandma's , mushroom picking area ...

» The information are the time remaining before contact, the remaining distance ¹, speed, elevation , GPS position
» Function "sound tracker" : the closer you get the selected position, the shorter the time between two tones
» An advanced compass
» Unlimited number of waypoints , a manager can manage them.

(¹) Distance: XXX m
The distance separating us from the selected Waypoint (for which the research is in progress)
This distance appears:
• Blue if one moves away (cold!)
• Red if you get closer (it heats up!)
• Green if you are close (equal to or below the GPS accuracy)

► simple geometric tools
• Discs between the waypoints
(area + perimeter + center)
• Discs between waypoints and the current position
(area + perimeter + center)
• Triangle between waypoints Green, Blue , Red
(area + perimeter + angles + heights + middle + isobarycenter + bisecting + incircle + circumcircle )
• Quadrilateral between waypoints Green, Blue, Red, Yellow
( + area + perimeter + diagonal angles + medians + isobarycenter)

► Advanced geometric tools
• Middle of the segments [Green, Blue], [Green, Red] ...
• Intersection of the straights (Green, Blue ) & (Red, Yellow)
• Distance waypoint Red & Yellow to the straight (Green, Blue)
• Tangents to the circle of diameter [Green , Blue ] passing by Red
• Intersection of circles of diameter [Green , Blue ] and [ Red, Yellow ]

► Maps
• Circles of equidistance
• Circles of equidistance [manual]
• Circles of equidistance [touch]
• Isochronous circles
• Isochronous circles [manual]
• Circles of equidistance and radial lines
• Circles of equidistance VS isochronous

► Map tactile tools
• Distance between 2 points
• Cumulative distances between points
• Polygon
• Circle [radius (center + point)]
• Circle [diameter (point + point)]

The information are : area, perimeter, length, diameter, radius , angle , center coordinates, coordinates of significant points, coordinates of the points of intersection, surface areas, isobarycenter.

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39 years old, France

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