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This powerful graphing calculator lets you graph functions, parametric equations and point sets using Cartesian or Polar coordinate system. The graphing calculator automatically switches to function, parametric or point set modes according to the form of the expression -- for details refer to the built-in instruction accompanying this graphing calculator.

• f(x) = xsin(2x) intvl=(-∞, ∞). (You don't have to type in the interval 'intvl=(-∞, ∞)'; the graphing calculator appends it when you press the Graph button. You can change the end-points as desired.)
• Polar: f(θ) = 3sin(2θ) intvl=(0, 2π). (You can use x for θ; the graphing calculator replaces x's by θ's when you select polar coordinate system).

Parametric Equation:
• p(t) = 3cos(3t), 3sin(2t) intvl=(0, 2π). (You can use x for t.) Note: enter x(t) and y(t) separated by a comma (no enclosing parentheses around p(t) ).
• Polar: p(t) = 3cos(3t), 3sin(2t) intvl=(0, 2π). Note: enter θ(t) and r(t) separated by a comma as above -- the first component is θ(t) -- (no enclosing parentheses around p(t)).

• 1,2; 2,3; 4,5; Note: enter the point (x,y) as x,y;
• Polar: 1,2; π,3; π/2,5; Note: The first component is θ; enter the point (θ,r) as θ,r;
When you enter points, new labels appear on three buttons as P(x), L(x) and CNCT. Pressing each will find and graph the polynomial of the least degree passing through all the given points, the line that fits best according to the least squares criterion or connect the points, correspondingly.

When no interval is specified,:
• The graphing calculator automatically appends a default interval to the function and parametric expression and draws the graph on that interval.

Graph MULTIPLE expressions on the same coordinate system:
• First long press 'Graph'.

When viewing the Graphs:
• Touch Polar on the upper right corner of the graphing area to draw the graphs in polar coordinate system.
• Drag the graphs. To center the graph on the screen, touch the coordinate indicator on the top left corner of the graphing area.
• Touch ++ or -- on the lower right corner of the graphing area to zoom in or out.
• Touch the lower left corner of the graphing area (where the caption is) to reset zoom.

You can use the following in your expressions
• Basic algebraic operations
• Trigonometric functions and their inverses
• Hyperbolic functions and their inverses
• Exponential and logarithmic functions
• The Gamma function Γ (related to factorial) and Psi function Ψ.
• Absolute value and Step functions.

If your expression is incomplete or if you make a syntax error the = sign changes to ? mark. When you touch it, this artificial intelligent graphing calculator gives you a feedback by precisely indicating the error.

Other features
• Calculate complex numbers. Example: (2+3i)^i+5∠(4). You can use i or j for the imaginary unit.
• Calculate derivatives (symbolic) of functions and parametric curves and graph them.
• Solve f(x) = 0 to find all the x-intercepts (zeros or roots of a function) on an interval without guesswork.
• Generate table of values for functions and parametric curves.
• Calculate definite integral, area and arc length.
• RAD and DEG mode.
• Scientific, engineering and fixed point notations.
• Units Converter - convert units of length, mass, time,... .
• Change background color of the calculator.

On this graphing calculator most keys are assigned a second functionality by long pressing. For example
• Long press of the back-space button x←: Clears the input box. Immediately after pressing it will display back the deleted expression.
• Long press of ^ (power) sign: Appends 'intvl=(' to the expression if it is not already there. Long press of decimal point inserts comma to separate the end-points.

All of the above with more details are included in the built-in Instruction accompanying this graphing calculator.

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Recently changed in this version

• Fixed crashes reported on larger/normal sized handsets.
• Full calculator on both orientations on all devices.
• Larger input pane on larger/normal size handsets such as Galaxy S5, S4 (and Mini), Note 3, etc.
• Labels on some keys have been made a little smaller so that the full calculator displays properly on a larger number of devices.

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  • (77 stars)

    by Barry Frank on 10/05/2013

    Update: Have been using this calculator for several weeks now and after getting used to it am liking it more and more. The author is responsive to suggestions and really wants to create a functional, user-friendly app.

  • (77 stars)

    by Allen Holmes on 29/03/2013

    The developer spent weeks, even months, improving this app. It now works beautifully. The new features of interpolating polynomials and angle notation for complex numbers are excellent. The old features of polar graphing, integration, differentiation an

  • (77 stars)

    by RM Watson on 15/02/2013

    Best app ever - Thanks. If you need a "kick-butt" graphing calculator, this is for you

  • (77 stars)

    by A Google User on 20/06/2012

    Top notch application and a very responsive developer. Latest updates are superb! 20/6/2012

  • (77 stars)

    by Web on 20/05/2012

    Top notch application and a very responsive developer.