Gravity Screen - On/Off


Gravity Screen - On/Off's review


Automatically lock and unlock your screen when it's not in your hand

  • Automatically switch off your screen
  • Detects when your phone is in your hand
  • Can save battery
  • None

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"Save your battery! Impress your friends!"


Refuse to submit to the tyranny of manually turning off your screen! Gravity Screen - On/Off detects automatically if you've stashed your phone in your pocket or slid it onto a table and turns off that battery-draining screen for you: no muss, no fuss. The slight motions of your hand keep the screen on while you're using your device, and you can even enable the device to detect motion and turn the screen on from zero when it senses hand motion. Easy peasy.


If you use it properly, you'll likely save a heap of battery without even trying. Also, you can impress your geekoid friends who didn't know there was an app for that.


None that occur to us. The gravity sensor works great.

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Jul 16, 2015

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