GRC - Global Remote Control



Global Remote Control includes:
- Media Players Remote Control
- Presentations Remote Control
- Web Browsers Remote Control
- Full Keyboard and Mouse Remote Control
- Support Mouse Dragging (useful for selecting/moving/resizing/drag and drop)
- Remote Screen Viewer
- Remote Control with Bluetooth and wire headset

- GRC-Receiver is a portable .NET application that embedded into the Android app and can be extract to computer at anytime
- Power saving design
- Passive connection
- Work well on Windows 8

Try Free version:

Tested media players:
- VLC Player
- Media Player Classic
- Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
- iTunes
- Windows Media Player
- Windows Media Center
- Winamp (turn on Global keys in Options)

Tested Presentation applications:
- MS PowerPoint
- Open Office

Tested browsers:
- Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer

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