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    Great File Manager has powerful ability to manage your files in your mobile phone. You can’t imagine how powerful it is.

    Now let me introduce its key features to you.

    1. First, you should know that it is a free app which is used on the Android phone and tablet. You don't worry about the fee, because it is a 100% free app, so it saves your money.

    2. The first time you use this app, all of the files and folder in you r SD card will be listed to you automatically.

    3. If you feel that too many disordered files in your mobile phone, you can use this app to build a new folder, even a new file. In the new folder, you can put disordered files in it, so you can classify files by yourself.

    4. By using this app, you can cut, paste, copy files. Apart from these functions, it allows you to search some one file. What you need to do is just putting the key words in the name of the file.

    5. If you install new files, you may not find it immediately, you can touch the "refresh" button to make it appears.

    Today, more and more files in your mobile phone. You feel that it is difficult to manage them manually, right?

    You need an assistant which can give you a hand in managing your files. In fact, you can easily to find one free file manager on the internet, but sometimes, you can’t find one which suits you. I have met this cause and used file manager for android and file manager pro as well as file managers. These didn’t suit me. Today, I find a good one to me, yes, it is Great File Manager.

    Great File Manager is powerful and I recommend it to you and I hope that it will help you manage your files in your mobile phone. I hope it suits you well.

    Many modern computer systems offer methods for protecting files against accidental and deliberate damage. Computers that let multiple users implement file permissions to control who may or may not modify, delete, or create files and folders. For instance, a given user may be granted only permission to read a file or folder, but not to modify it; or a user may be given permission to read and modify files, but not to execute them. Permissions can be applied to allow only certain users to see the contents of a file or folder. Permissions protect against unauthorized tampering or destruction of information in files, and keep individual information confidential from unauthorized users.

    The way information is grouped into a file is completely up to how it is designed. This has led to a plethora of standardized file structures for all imaginable purposes, from the simplest to the most complex. Most computer files are applied by computer programs which create, modify or delete the files for their own use on an as-needed basis. The programmers who create the programs decide what files are needed, how they are to be applied and their names.

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