Green Head: antiwiretapping



Green Head: protection of you smartphone against eavesdropping
Mobile application Green Head – is the one-of-a-kind tool, which ensures safety of phone calls*.
Green Head, which is developed from detailed study and analysis of hardware and software platform of existing Android-based mobile devices, Green Head protects against the today’s topic threat for users of mobile communications – phone calls’ eavesdropping.
How does Green Head protect personal information?
Security analysis
The application analyzes communication channels, which are being involved, when a smartphone is being used, in order to determine illegal third party intervention and eavesdropping with help of virtual cells.
Green Head analyzes programs at your smartphone for such illegal actions, as hidden activation of a camera or a dictaphone, which can record and interpret the surrounding situation invisibly.
Threat warning
Green Head informs the smartphone’s owner about all suspicious activities of the mobile device, so a user at his discretion is able to continue or end any process’ operation.
Protection against attacks
Green Head blocks dangerous activities, which are selected by a user, thus, it guaranties protection against conversation eavesdropping, data leakage from a mobile device’s memory and control interception of a device.
Additional features of Green Head
• Antivirus
• SMS-spam protection
• File encryption
• Setting of operating SMS for removing data from the smartphone in case of stealing

3 facts about mobile devices, you should know

1. Even a shut-down smartphone constitutes a danger
The studies showed that when a mobile device is shut down, such module as GSM-modem might be active and able to transmit data.

2. The smartphone can spill data invisibly
Any smartphone might be equipped by hardware and software bugs, which behind the user’s back activate different functions of the devices: data transfer, internet connection and etc. Software bugs might be intruded by applications and operating systems developers, and hardware bugs – by smartphone producers.

3. Even a school student can overhear you
A virtual cell – is the most popular tool for overhearing and data interception at mobile devices. It represents a fake mobile base station and operates completely unnoticed by a user and service provider.

A virtual cell, with its varied effective distance, allows easy conversation overhearing, of a business center, for example.

Facts of virtual cells’ use by the world’s secret services are widely known, and a scandal about eavesdropping at the Rupert Murdoch’s empire led to an international scandal.
Your child is able to buy all necessary parts for a virtual cell construction at a closest electronics market and find the instruction on the Internet.

System requirements

Android 2.1 or greater

Green Head – is the first and one-of-a-kind mobile application for protection against eavesdropping
Patented algorithms of connection to a virtual cell recognition made Green Head a unique product, which protects smartphone and its owner against conversation eavesdropping.

WARNING! Please, read the license agreement and the guide before using the Software Green Head:

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