GTV Tasker Plugin



Control your Google TV using Tasker actions.

How to create a Google TV task in Tasker:
- Click on the Tasks tab
- Click on the '+' button
- Enter a name for the new task
- Click on the '+' button to add a new action
- Select the 'Plugin' category
- Select the 'GTV Tasker' action
- Click on the 'Edit' button to to edit the action configuration
- Wait for the Google TV devices to be discovered
- When the progress indicator stops, select a Google TV device from the list
- If it is a Google TV device that hasn't been paired before, your will be prompted to enter the PIN that is displayed on the Google TV device
- Once the device is paired, select a type of action to be sent to the Google TV device (key code, URL, text data or invoke an app)
- Click on the checkmark button to save the configuration
- Click on the checkmark for the 'GTV Tasker' action
- Add other tasks (remember to add 'Task/Wait' actions between each GTV actions)
- Click on the checkmark button to save the new task

To determine the app package and activity names, install the GTV Tasker Apps on your Google TV device:

This plugin is compatible with Locale and can also be used with NFC tags.

This app is open sourced at:
Read the instructions on Github on how to start apps.

If you're having any trouble, PLEASE CONTACT US at BEFORE RATING, so we can help you out and improve the App - your feedback really does help. We can't respond to reviews or comments.

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