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gX Blacklist is an advanced incoming call filter/blocker, with multiple blacklists, scheduler by hour and week day, multiple actions (silent, vibrate, force ringing, etc...), and accepts simple phone numbers, contacts from your contact list, numbers areas (with jokers) or private calls cases.

gX Blacklist is also a Shush! like application: you can ask for a rest of your phone (in silent or vibrate mode) during a predefined amount of time. Your phone will automatically restore your ring mode after this duration.

A "Night mode" can be set, to make automatic silent/vibrate/airplane modes during the night, and lets the phone wake up in the morning alone. Wifi and Bluetooth can also be turned off and restored during the night.

Details of the features:
- A test is launched once during the first use, to know your device's compatibility.
- Blacklist service can be suspended for a predefined amount of time: no filtering during the suspension, or totally deactivated.
- Optional notification icons in the status bar.
- Rest mode: you can switch to a silent/vibrate mode during a predefined amount of time.
- Rest/night WIDGET, with several skins: access to rest mode with a single touch.
- Rest/night switch, for gX Switches application.
- Night mode: you can schedule an everyday silent/vibrate/airplane mode during the night. Wifi & BT control is also possible in the same way.
- Multiple blacklists with priorities, activation hours and week days, and "holidays mode" (in option).
- Each blacklist can have "green numbers" and "black numbers", and an action can be set on each color.
- A log is completed on each filtered incoming call to let you know and to allow a callback.

- New ONE BUTTON REST MODE: when you press VOL- to turn on silent mode, you can have a popup to activate rest mode. All is done with VOL+/- buttons only. This requires Basic features activated, and you may activate it in your configuration.
- Holidays mode: blacklists can be scheduled on your holidays only, like you can do it on a week day. A calendar can be used to select your holidays.
- Backup/restore to keep your configuration safety.
- Numbers areas can be used to select a full range of numbers (like for a company standard).
- GMail contact groups can be used -as single contacts- to manage many people in one step.

Searching for translators:
- We are searching for Korean and Japanese translators who can offer their help to translate this app.
- Please do not make a 1 star rating to ask a new language support: this won't help us to make a translation quicker, but will only penalize the application, and then, also it's future evolution. You should write to us at gxapplications@gmail.com instead.

Features: add from contacts, unknown number, number area, scheduler, shush, ringer, silent mode, vibrate, force mute, rest, silent sleep, phone silencer, night mode, gX Switches slot plugin

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