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A busy day in our daily lives are still cumbersome and boring coming susiptong phone Slide Phone!?
If you mosyeonman hand without touching the screen can be easily and conveniently call.

* Will be highly recommended to yireonbun.
 - His latest Vega LTE phones poncheoreom Anyone receiving calls
 - Cold, warm winter gloves, got a call as quickly and conveniently minutes kkinchae
 - Receive calls without touching the screen with Anyone
 - Convenient hands-free feature while driving a car you would like to use the minutes
 - You do not want to receive spam, phone number, and registration and opt-out as quickly and minutes
 - Gently shake the phone to receive / disconnect Anyone
* Hand-motion provides the following features.

 - Close-motion feature (incoming call, the span function calls)
 - Shake motion functions (call receive / end, heundeumseoljeong)
 - Call Blocking feature (call it off, turning off the motion, the individual settings)
 - Add block number (most recent records, telephone contact, the user entered directly).
 - Call Block list (block number, change, delete block number)

[Hand-motion usage]

A. Proximity Motion
 - You get a phone call, the proximity sensor (audible sound when a phone call away) 3 ~ 5cm above the left hand -> Left or Right -> Move left-to-call
 - Phone in close proximity to the ear piece, or a pocket / bag pickup as a part of the body can touch the same features may also
 - Call features span'll activate the speaker function on the phone you can call the speakerphone

Two. Shaking motion
 - When a call arrives, lightly shake off the phone Please phone!
 - To end a call, shake Shake feature set to hang up
 - By setting function heundeumsegi heundeum century setting that suits you

Three. Select the block type
 - You do not want to receive calls and can be set effectively block
 - Just call blocking feature called off if the person registered on the list just bouncing (Silent Function)
 - Mosyeongineungman to release the person registered in the block list, when you call close / can not call function shaking motion
 - Individual settings for each individual number for each feature type can be set off

Four. Add blocked number (Black List)
 - Last week of phone calls recording feature list of the total incoming call (the number you want to register and spam can be added in recent history).
 - Contact List feature stores your phone, the contacts list (register and spam can be added after the number you want to search)
 - User-input function directly, and you do not want to receive spam code manually add your name and number (number of possible pattern matching)
  * What is pattern matching number? Telephone numbers beginning with 070 to 23 to block all spam in the last digit 07023 * If you want to register

5 Call Block List
 - In the list of blocked phone numbers when you touch the desired number can be modified and numbers can be deleted when you touch and hold

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