Handy Units



A simple and quick way to convert between many common units of measure. You can also edit and add your own units.

Supported unit categories are length, speed, area, volume, mass, temperature, angle, pressure and hexadecimal.

Length units: mm, cm, metres, km, inches, hands, links, spans, feet, yards, fathoms, rods, chains, miles, nautical miles.

Speed units: km/h, miles per hour, metres per second

Area units: square mm, square cm, square metres, hectares, square km, square inches, square feet, square yards, acres, square miles, perches, roods.

Volume units: millilitres, litres, cubic cm, cubic metres, cubic inches, cubic feet, cubic yards, fluid ounces (UK), fluid ounces (US), pints (UK), pints (US), quarts (UK), quarts (US), gallons (UK), gallons (US).

Mass units: milligram, gram, kilogram, tonne, ounce, pound, stone, short ton, long ton.

Temperature units: Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin.

Angle units: degrees, radians.

Pressure units: Pascal, kPa, PSI, Atmosphere, Bar, Torr.

Number systems: decimal, hexadecimal.

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