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Put your phone face-down and stop the call instantly

  • Good idea
  • Easy to use
  • It might have a confusing premise

"Shut up, phone!"

HangApp is an Android application that allows the user to hang the phone by simply putting it face-down on a flat surface. When you do that, the app plays a special tone and it vibrates before disconnecting. This tool can be used when you need to hang up the call without caring to look at the screen. In other words, it saves you that annoying moment when you stare to the screen thinking to yourself "have I hanged it or have he hung?"

However, it must be acknowledged that some devices already have an option enabled when putting it face-down and this simply offers an alternative in case you haven't got that option or you prefer this one. We actually thought that the app could reject incoming calls, and App-Q staff confirmed that option is expected in an upcoming update, among several new options.

App-Q is the developer of this tool and other helpful apps for Android. Therefore, here's an app who adds or modifies a built-in feature. It should be noticed that, once you get used to hang calls this way, it's quite hard to come back to the old "touch the red button". Clearly a simple concept that can be useful for many situations in your daily life.

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