Heads Up Speedo



Heads Up Speedo is an application that allows the user to view their speed using GPS and project it onto a glass surface such as a car windscreen to provide a real-time heads up display.

The application currently has three different display modes to choose from to view your data as well as a number of customisations available to the heads up display.

Application Features
•GPS speed - real time accurate speed calculated from GPS satellites.
•Display modes - output speed in Digital mode, Analog mode and Bar mode.
•HUD option - reverse screen for use as heads up display.
•Change colours - change the colour of any of the 3 modes.
•Change sizes - change the size of any of the 3 modes.
•Change speed units - change the speed units between MPH, KPH or M/S.

Please remember to turn GPS on before using the app.
Please note the app requires adobe air to run.

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