Headset Speed Dial / Call Pro



This App helps making calls easy on the go just using the headset button of your wired headset.
You can configure up-to 3 speed dial numbers as your quick contacts.

• Easy accessibility to make calls while driving, cooking, at the gym etc. without any need to unlock or even interact with the device.
• Can prove helpful in case of emergency, you can store your emergency contact in the speed-dial list.
• Minimal memory usage, no background services.
• Easily add phone numbers by searching through your phone-book.
• Never accidentally call wrong person, as it would happen if you use a voice dialer.

• To initiate a call.
1. Simply press the headset button once.
- Now you are ready to make a speed dial. (Its like pressing the 'talk' button/Picking up the receiver.)
2. Now press the headset button once, twice or thrice to make respective speed-dial call.
- You'll receive audio feedback on every button press.

Developer's note : "I generally have a habit of queuing all the phone calls that I have to make (family,friends,etc.).
Later I would make these calls generally while driving, at the gym, cooking, etc.
That's when I felt the need and got the idea behind this app, using which I can easily call the numbers on the go. "

This app is an Ad-Free Donate version of the 'HEADSET SPEED DIAL' App.

If you face any issues please mail us at skivesteam@gmail.com
Note: This app is currently not supported for Bluetooth headphones.

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