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    Helakuru (හෙළකුරු) is Sri Lanka's No.1 App with over 2 Million Users, having recognized as the Most Popular App of Sri Lanka by NYDB Awards 2016. Helakuru has bagged many national & international awards including mBillionth South Asian Award 2014, e-Swabhimani National Award 2013, NBQSA National Award in 2014 & Sri Lanka's Best Local Language Product Award in 2014.

    Helakuru being the Standard Mobile Sinhala (Sri Lanka) Keyboard Input for Mobile devices allows the users to type in Sinhala script natively from their mobiles. It supports both Smart Phonetic & Smart Wijesekara keyboard layouts for Sinhala as well as Intelligent Word Predictions for both Sinhala & English languages. You can use Helakuru to type in Sinhala or English faster than ever as Helakuru adopts very simple & easy to learn keyboard layouts for a beginner as well as for a expert in Sinhala typing.

    * (New) Custom Themes
    Helakuru now comes with customizable keyboard themes including the beautiful Colour Themes (Free) & stunning Image Themes (Pro) & custom Themes (Pro) where you will be able to create your own theme by choosing your own colours & a background image.

    * (New) Better Emoji Support
    Helakuru now comes with extended Emoji support which includes all your favorite emojis including the gun. You can also choose your own Emoji style if your device does not support emojis.

    * Word Predictions:
    Helakuru comes with exclusive Sinhala Word Predictions which enables you to type Sinhala words in just one two taps, without typing the whole words. When you type with Helakuru, this will predict the words as you type so that you can just select your preferred word from predictions without typing it by entering letter by letter. It will make your typing speed much faster saving your valuable time. Helakuru Predictions also supports self-learning so that the new words you type which are not in Helakuru word database such as person names, nicknames, location names & etc will be automatically saved locally in your device & predict them whenever you type those words the next time.

    * Bilingual support:
    Helakuru supports both Sinhala & English Input, so that you even don't need to switch to a different Keyboard to type in English. Just tap the Globe key to switch between Sinhala & English.

    * Keyboard Layouts:
    If you're familiar with Standard Wijesekara keyboard layout to type in Sinhala, you can use that. But if you're not, Helakuru makes your life easier by introducing a Sinhala phonetic (transliteration) layout. With that you can easility type Sinhala phonetically as "ammaa" for "අම්මා" in the same way you type SMS in Singlish.

    * System-wide support
    Helakuru is not just an app, where you can type in Sinhala only in that app. It's a Standard Android Keyboard which you can use to type in any app system-wide whether it is Messaging app, Facebook app, twitter app or etc.

    * Sinhala Unicode Rendering
    Helakuru comes with the in-built Sinhala Unicode Rendering Technology innovated by Bhasha Lanka, so you can type in Sinhala even if your device does not support Sinhala. Helakuru provides a "Sinhala Preview Bar" which helps you to see what you're typing in Sinhala not-supported devices. You can switch on/off the Preview bar from Preferences.

    Enjoy typing in your mother-tongue, Sinhala with Helakuru!

    Follow the on-screen instructions to enable & switch to Helakuru Sinhala Input. Go to Preferences by tapping the Preferences button in the keyboard to switch on/off the features.

    Helakuru is a proprietary software and an Intellectual Property owned by Bhasha Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Decompiling it's APK, reverse engineering the code or modifying the software is strictly prohibited and liable for copyright infringement.

    If you have any issues, improvement suggestions or feedback for Helakuru please contact us on or connect with us on

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