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    HELP will get you help, when you are in distress.
    With a single button, you can alert a primary and a secondary contact, who will receive a SMS with your location and notification, that you need help. HELP uses both passive (network) and active (GPS) to determine your position.
    At the same time, a call will be made, so the call-receiver can hear, what´s going on. From what the receiver hears, he/she can evaluate if emergency services (police, firebrigade, ambulance...) should be alerted or if he/she should do the assisting.
    The distress call can also be sent to a security company and your Costumer ID can be set in the setup menu.

    Also remember to install this on your childrens devices, so they can call you for help.

    You set the numbers for Primary SMS, Secondary SMS and Distress Call and if sms and/or call should be included when the distress button is pressed.

    Sending out SOS / MayDay / Help has never been easier.