Hidden Text Message Spy



Install on target Android device, and receive all text messages from that phone! Keep an eye on your teenager or child, assure they aren't getting involved with the wrong people or crowds, stop bullying and sexting.

Assure the safety of your loved ones. Simply install, and input your email (where you will receive daily updates on the target phone text messages).

There is no icon or name that shows up for this app, so it's invisible. The bill you pay with (Wallet or Credit Card) will say "Google - Fine Line Labs", and Fine Line Labs has many apps, so there's no way of knowing you downloaded Stealth Text:)

No website signup, as the app runs on it's own. There is no need to sign up for anything. Simple and effective.

You will receive one email each day, synced to the time of install, from Stealth SMS Watcher.

To stop/restart the app, goto Settings: Applications: choose the app with NO NAME AND NO ICON (it's the first one in the list), then select Force Stop. Then goto your apps list and choose the FIRST INVISIBLE ONE, to start it.

Enjoy and be discreet:)

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