Hiragana Widget



It's a widget.
You can put Japanese letters -Hiragana- on your home screen.

*What Is Hiragana*
ひらがな means Hiragana
Hiragana is one basic component of Japanese writing system.
Each character represents one mora.

*How To Use*
1.Long Tap on your home screen.
2.Then choose [Widget] on the menu.
3.Choose [ひらがな1] on the list of widget.
4.Then you can see this widget [あ] on your home screen.

*Letters Is Changeable*
Tap the letter on your home screen,and it change in the gojuon order.

*Gojuon Order?*
Normally we Japanese use the gojuon order to learn Hiragana.It's based on the gojuon table.
The iroha order is also famous in Japan but it's oldfashioned.
This time the letters change in the gojuon order then the voiced version and unvoiced version of kana and smaller kana.

You can put maximum 4 Widgets,to say in other words you can put 4 different Hiragana.

enjoy! :)

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