Home application combines customizable and useful.
(Home replacement application)
Launcher base by not implementing its own
New capabilities.

*Paid version available!
Please version up to this version(1.5.0).
LicenseKeyFile is enabled from this version.
Please find keyword "HomeForYou_Key" by words on market.

The following points are a major feature.
Up to 10 - (1 + drawer style 9) workspace (with round)
- Which can be used even in the home
Widgets that can be stored drawer style workspace
· Windows Start button and Sutatoraiku
- Start panel to store your favorite applications (5 applications)
- workspace preview
- "Moving" widgets (Moving mascot widget 1 ※) Support
* Available from the notification bar Global application launcher
(Launcher management function)
* Features available from the notification bar blind (blind Features)
Some battery-saving effect.
(Color version only paid 2 ※, you can change the concentration)
• Setting personal profiles that can be switched by
(Paid version only 2 ※)
And export profiles to SD, the import function
(Paid version only 2 ※)
- Easy Task Killer
- Continuous uninstall Easy
Action - action that can be set with touch gestures
· (New!!) Hide notification bar
· (New!!) Desktop transition (effect of switching home)
(However ※, live in the wallpaper effect is reflected in the previous wallpaper.)
· (New!!) Home Screen fixed orientation
· (New!!) Free Layout is implements.("Free Layout" is Home Widget's location are enabled anywhere.)

It also supports the following common home applications as well.
* Favorites Bar (HomeForYou called in the start panel)
- Wallpaper (wallpaper, including live)
- Shortcuts
- Folder (User, live)
- Widgets
- Theme designed by "dress"

Customize the theme as an item independent
The following points can be changed.
- User fonts (Paid version only 2 ※)
- Shortcuts, widgets, folder labels, Change Icon
* Launcher, hidden in the Start Menu Applications

The following points will be customized by using themes.
- Application default icon
Screen design - Action
- Start Panel, Start Menu Design
- Design Drawer style workspace
- Design Global launcher
- Another icon in your Start menu extension
The default icon in the Start Menu - Contact

○ Requirements
android 2.1 or higher

Usage ○
We try to do the same typical home.
In addition, by action or adding widgets or items and hold
Some of the menu key handling.

○ support, etc.
- Terms of Use
- How to create Moving mascot widget
- How to create a theme
We introduced.
(As of the end of February 2011, creating earnestly. Is coming soon.)

Moreover, even here at your request or questions and receive comments on
We will report the situation.

1 ※ Moving Mascot Widget
Moving Mascot Widget and the
HomeForYou to support their own "moving" widget.
Move around the widgets on your home screen to support.
Entailing "droids you move," Please try.
There is little happening cute mascot.
→ Widgets → droids you move the screen and hold

The paid version 2 ※ (HomeForYou_Key) is available from 201/4/27.

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