Horoscope on your phone. Find out what astrology has in store for you.
With this application you'll have access to:
- daily horoscope for all 12 zodiac signs
- daily power numbers
- daily predictions for: wellness, intellect, love, emotions, intuition, creativity, work and money.
- find out who was born on the same day
Check your complete horoscopes for today, tomorrow and much more !
Horoscope : The official Horoscope from Horoscope.from now available on your Android phone ! 100% FREE, 100% PRO !
Check your complete horoscopes for today, tomorrow and keep an eye on your horoscope of the week, your monthly horoscope and your yearly horoscope written by our best, most serious and experienced astrologers.
The horoscope texts are updated every day in real time, and you can consult them at any time without any limitations!
What can you expect from the stars ? For Love, Work, or Wellness ? Which key-dates are the essential for success this month ? Horoscope on Android is the horoscope application you must have... Download it now!
Horoscope - the most popular horoscope application on Android!
The Horoscope is a horoscope application which is updated on a daily basis.
*** Chinese horoscope for 2012 is out! Yey!
Additional features:
* Zodiac sign compatibility
* Chinese horoscope for 2012 and 2011
* Druid horoscope
* Missed a day-scroll back
* Share and save readings
* Custom colors (set in app settings)

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