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Let's face it, many of the calculator apps available for the Android are either too clunky and boring or overwhelmingly complex. Not everyone is building rockets in their backyards to require heavy scientific formulas for number crunching. On the other hand, most people could use a more attractive interface when calculating.

The Hot Calculator combines simple but vibrant design with a high level of interactivity. App calculators have never been this easy, convenient, and fun. The Hot Calculator is a great mix of the following features:

Elegant intuitive interface
Lightning fast calculations - it even handles string mathematical expressions
Simple and easy to use but packs a lot of power - it has expandend engineering calculator functions
Spice up your calculations with themes - you can use pre-set themes or use photos you took yourself
Choose from a wide range of pre-set wallpapers - animals, wildlife, models, and abstract art
Bright high resolution interface
Very customizable - change button colors, adjust transparency, among other details
Very versatile - handles both simple and complex calculations

For an easy, convenient, and elegant way to crunch numbers, use HotCalculator today. Working figures has never been this Hot!

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