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How Tall Is That? is a simple app to calculate "the height of" and "distance to" objects. It uses your device's gyroscope to figure the angle you are holding your device. Using that angle and a bit of trigonometry it calculates the distance to the object and also the height of the object.

The app works best on objects located 5 to 50 feet away.

If you have a back-facing camera the app opens in "camera capture mode". Line up the center-line of the crosshairs at the base of your target, capture the angle, then do the same for the top of the target. If you do not have a back-facing camera, the app opens in "site capture mode". Use your phone like gun sites to capture angles in this mode.

You need to hold your device very still when capturing angles. Small deviations can create large errors in the calculations.

* Measure the height of a tree
* Measure the height of a building
* Measure the height of your house
* Measure the distance to a deer
* Measure the distance to tree
* Figure out if a tree falls, if it will hit your house
* Measure the height of your children
* Measure the height of your blind date
* If you have a restraining order, measure the distance to the person you need to stay away from.

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