How to freestyle rap -training


How to freestyle rap -training's review


Random word generator to help you practice your freestyle rap skills

  • Choose the number of words you like to generate
  • Genuinely random words
  • No option for rhyming words
  • Last word gets cut off in the 8-words option

"Get in the flow"

Sometimes you wanna freestyle, but you just don't know what to rap about. Not to worry, Midgetlover's How to freestyle rap -training app will generate a list of rap starters to help you out.

Select how many words you'd like to use as your starting point, and the app will serve you with that number randomly generated from its database. The words have nothing to do with each other and usually don't rhyme, so linking them together can be quite a challenge. I can imagine it being fun between two battling friends, seeing who can come up with the best freestyle to the randomly generated lists.

The app should have an option to rhyme the words for easier freestyling. The format also needs to be fixed for choosing 8 words at once; the final word gets cut off by the button at the bottom.

Midgetlover's How to freestyle rap -training app is very simple and without many options, but if you need a random word generator for your freestyling, you've come to the right place.

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