hoXapp is simple security/tracking tool allowing you to track your cellphone. It is perfect app to locate your phone if lost or stolen. hoXapp also allows you to track other cellphones with the app installed.

After installing hoXapp it will not be visible in app menu. To activate the app you will need to dial "6322" and press call button. After that you will be asked to set your own personal password. Now go to the "DeviceAdmin" menu in upper left corner and click "Enable" to enable device administrator, and press Activate. That's it. By activating this option any phone user will not be able to uninstall or disable hoXapp until you remove this option.

Currently here is list of functions supported:
You need to send SMS from some other phone to phone where hoXapp is installed.

Send SMS example: hoXapp 6322 XYZ
hoXapp (application Identifier)
6322 (default hoXapp password)
XY (commands to execute)

hoXapp 6322 GPS url*
Send Longitude and Latitude to desired URL or SMS. If GPS is disabled and hoXapp cannot enable it or if hoXapp cannot calculate triangulation between mobile antennas, hoXapp will send (for manual tracking):
MCC (mobile country code(decimal))
MNC (mobile network code(decimal))
LAC (locale area code (in decimal))
IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)

url* is optional value, you can specific url that hoXapp will use to send httpPOST with following variables:

hoXapp 6322 ALARM
MobilePhone starts to ring for desired time specified. hoXapp uses user-defined ALARM sound. If ALARM sound is not set, than it uses Notification sound, if that is not set then it uses RingTone.

hoXapp 6322 WIPE
Automatic background service is started on mobile to Delete contents of SDCard.

hoXapp 6322 WIPEALL
Service is started to Wipe the device data (restore the device to its factory defaults).

hoXapp 6322 LOCK
Device is locked immediately using password that is set in hoXapp → DeviceAdmin.

hoXapp 6322 CALL
Phone calls you to the number you've sent message from.

hoXapp Detects if SIM CARD(phone-number) is changed if yes it sends you SMS message of location and phone number of new device!

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