HTC USB Host Disk Mounter



Mounts your USB disks via USB OTG.

I developed this app because my kernel supported USB Host, but my ROM didn't. This app forces the mount command as described here:

Testers needed! Please report if EXT mounting works

[ What phones are supported? ]
This app if for rooted HTC phones only (HTC SDK is used), SuperUser should be installed and the kernel should support OTG in order to get this to work.

[ To what location is the disk mounted? ]
Disk will be mounted to /sdcard/usb

[ Why is there no file explorer opened after mounting? ]
Please install a file viewer like ES File Explorer

[ The folder /sdcard/usb is empty after mounting, what's the cause? ]
If it's the first time you mounted a device, the file manager was started before you granted the superuser request. Refresh your view or unmount / remount. In case the folder still stays empty, find out if you are able to mount using the shell commands as described here:

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