Hydraulic Calculations



Hcalc is a simple Hydraulic Calculator and will allow fire sprinkler engineers to check calculations or solving simple hydraulic calculation.

With the Hcalc App you can find the pressure loss in pipework using the Hazen Williams formula which is specified in the NFPA 13 and EN 12845 for fire sprinkler systems. You can changed any of the 3 variables, flow, C-factor and the pipes internal diameter and the pressure loss will be calculated.

The second part of the calculator is used to solve the K-factor formula given the flow, K-factor or pressure at a nozzle or fire sprinkler head given the other two factors. By using the slider controls to vary any of the variables (flow, K factor, pressure) you can see the effect they have instantly.

Please remember to press the calculate button after you have made a change!

This version is in metric units only.

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