Hydraulic Tube Calculator



This is a handy tool whenever you are designing, spec’ing or working with hydraulic tubing. It can help with safe and accurate hydraulic installations. Calculations include:

- Minimum tube diameter based on flow and line type (Pressure, Return, and Suction).

- Maximum hydraulic pressure based on tube diameter, wall thickness and material type. This calculation can easily be done using one of three methods: Barlow, Boardman, or Lamē. Some insight is given to help the user choose which method is best for the application.

- Minimum forming radius for bending tubes (as per MS-33611). This is an easy calculation, but the page serves as a good reminder or a quick reference.

- Pressure losses within hydraulic lines can also be calculated. Fluid velocity and Reynolds numbers are used to calculate flow parameters (Laminar or Turbulent). Pressure losses can then be calculated over the length of pipe.

All calculations can be done in metric or imperial units.

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