I Can't Wake Up! Make Me



Have problems with waking up?
You tend to disable alarms in the evening or have found a way to turn them off in the morning without finishing Wake Up Tasks. Or maybe you just turn the phone off when alarm starts playing?

This plugin will motivate you to actually finish the alarm!

Currently it contains single motivating module that will help you find a strength to finally get up:
- Post to Facebook
Not sure receiving rewards will be enough to get you up on those toughest mornings?
Just turn off the phone for 5 minutes - no one will know, right? Wrong - this plugin offers you option to automatically post message of your choice on your Facebook wall every time you try to block alarm without finishing it - being it force stopping application or turning off the phone.

(It used to contain below module as well, but it was removed due to communication problems with Pocket Change company)
- Pocket Change Rewards
Wouldn't it be great to be rewarded every time you wake up on time in the morning?
With this plugin you will be receive Pocket Change points for finishing alarm every morning, which you can spend on cool things like .mp3 songs, coffee coupons and more.
After installing the plugin you can choose which of the modules to use.

This application is a plugin for 'I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock' free alarm clock application - it doesn't have any purpose on its own. It does work with ad-free version of 'I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock' as well

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