i Flashlight HD



i Flashlight will have you blind, it's 5 times brighter than other flashlight apps on the market.
With actual HD - High Definition Graphics & using world leading iBright technology combined with flashlight javascript linkage.
By downloading i Flashlight you will gain a massive advantage over other users.
This is the craziest flashlight for any user!

⦁ i Flashlight can be used as a torch, to help you find your keys,
seeing during the night, finding that required item from your bag.
⦁ i Flashlight is 5 times brighter than competitors.
⦁ i Flashlight can be used as a lamplight.
⦁ i Flashlight will transform your device to the brightest flashlight device you have ever seen.
⦁ i Flashlight can be used in 2 modes.
⦁ i Flashlight will use your LED camera flash or use your screen.
⦁ I use i Flashlight every day & am really impressed with the app.

Note: This is a free & complimentary application from big bang applications.