i Motion Cam



The smart phone in use is to a motion detection camera!
It is the application which detects a motion of the object reflected in a camera and reproduces picture preservation and a beep sound.
Please install in few places, a fixed stand, etc. of vibration in the case of use, and use it.

The camera is equivalent to both the front camera and the back camera. Please use a camera, changing according to a use.

During surveillance, a slide indication of the picture when an object is detected is given for every second.
After a stop, if a detection picture is clicked, an expansion display is possible and a picture is saved at external memories (SD card etc.).
The picture serves as a JPEG file format.

We recommend you to use it during surveillance, inserting a charge adapter, in order to consume many batteries.
Since I have the function to terminate application if generation of heat is detected so that a smart phone may not be damaged owing to generation of heat of a battery, please understand.

Please do not abuse this application by any means.
Since we do not take any responsibility, please understand.

[Use scene]
■ When you would like to take a picture of the object which moves continuously
■ The simple security camera in a home etc.
■ Invasion detection of invasion prohibition area etc., warning

■ Beep sound
I sound a beep sound simultaneously with detection.
■ Log preservation
I save the detected time by text format.
■ Power-saving mode
I lower the luminosity of a display during surveillance and hold down consumption of a battery.
■ Picture quality
I can adjust to low image quality, a standard, and three high-definition steps.
■ Battery level
I terminate an application, when battery residual quantity becomes below a preset value.
However, I do not end during charge.
■ Preservation number of sheets
I set up the preservation number of sheets of the detected picture.
■ Detection sensitivity
Adjustment of three steps of response levels is possible.

[Correspondence OS]
2.3 or more Android(s)

[Confirmed terminal of operation]
Sony Ericsson Xperia SO-03D
acer ICONIA TAB A500
ASUS Slider SL101

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