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ITracker v1.0

i Tracker is a location tracking system, which can even work without GPS or GPRS data network. Works based on sms reporting

1. Implementation details
Tracker uses the best location from all available location providers in the target device.
Tracker uses both GPS and Network location providers. Based on the location info provided by each of this location provider, the best location is selected. If none of the location providers is available an error message will be sent to admin. Sometimes the location providers may not be able to provide a location (While inside a tall building), then also the admin will be notified with corresponding error message. Due to the tight security features (In recent versions of android) in android, it is not possible within this time allocated for the project, to toggle the state of location related settings without showing the native settings application. So it has been avoided and tracker only uses available location providers.
2. Current Problems
• After sending the location report, a flash message from network provider indicating the available balance is displayed.
• Location providers should be enabled.
• In periodic tracking mode the interval between reports is not accurate
3. User guide
a. Register an admin number.
Sms command : IAMADMIN
Note : Once you have add a number as as admin you cannot revert.
b. Get one time location update.
Sms command : GETLOCIM
c. Get periodic update.
Sms command : TRACKP@ #
TIME : Time between each report
H/M : Specify whether the time is in Hours or Minutes.
Eg 1. For 10 minutes : @10M
Eg 2. For 1 hour : @1H
Note : Use only natural numbers for time. The actual time interval between reports may vary according to the time taken for a location fix(GPS will take more time but will be more accurate).
COUNT : The number of reports to be received.
Note : While using periodic reporting please use interval greater than 10 minutes in order to reduce battery usage.
4. Report contents
1. Longitude & Latitude
2. Location provider : The source of location either GPS or Network
3. Speed : The speed of the target in meter per second
4. Time : The time of location capture
5. Accuracy : Accuracy of the location in meters

iTracker is also known in other languages as ติดตามสถานที่,vị trí theo dõi, helyen tracker, lokasi tracker, localização do rastreador, konumu tracker, seguimiento de la ubicación

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