IBM Programmer Quick Guide



A fast and easy to use reference for all IBM programmers and developers. A must have for all IBM AS400, iSeries System-i developers and administrators.

A quick reference and guide for:

★ EBCDIC - ASCII - decimal - hex/dec conversion reference

★ RPGLE Op-Code "Fast" Guide - Quick and simple referance to all V7R1 Opcodes!!

★ RPGLE Function "Fast" Guide - Quick and simple referance to all V7R1 Functions!!

★ Links to common IBM/RPGLE reference sites

Our "Go Pro" Paid Version also includes :

★ Ad Free!!! - free version supports ad

★ Hex - Decimal - Binary Calculator and Converter. Convert and do math in Base 10(Dec) and/or Base 16(Hex) and/or Base 2(Binary) - (Not available in this free version)

★ Date Converters - Convert from any Gregorian Date to a Julian "day of the year" Date to a "True" Julian Date (and back again) Convert from any date format to any date format! - (Not available in this free version)

★ EBCDIC Unicode converter - Convert to Hex as you type! - (Not available in this free version)

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